What We Do

On your first visit, an assessment is performed to get to the root of the problem, followed by a treatment to get you started on your rehab.
Treatments include manual therapy, exercise rehab, modalities, and education on what to do (and not do) to manage your symptoms and prevent their recurrence. A home program is also provided to enable you to be an active participant in your rehab.
Frequency of subsequent treatments are based on the type of injury and its severity. Considering your best interests, the course of treatment is outlined by you and your physiotherapist to suit your schedule and will vary from patient to patient.
We are in communication with your family doctor throughout your rehab to provide you with the best care available.
Physiotherapists use hands-on techniques and active rehabilitation to help you:
  • Reduce pain
  • Optimize function
  • Get stronger
  • Prevent injury
  • Stay fit!